The aim of the proposed COST Action “Materials for a New Generation of Energy Efficient and Sustainable Refrigerators” (MAGERE) is to establish active scientific exchange between European experts in magnetocaloric materials. Specifically the Action is intend to offer networking opportunities for the scientific and technical communities to set up a competitive and coordinated network capable to define new and unexplored ways for investigating new nanostructured magnetocaloric materials by innovative and interdisciplinary research. MAGERE focuses on nanostructured materials to discover novel guidelines and phenomena for the design of advanced systems exploiting synthesis techniques, structure analysis and computer simulations. The final goal is the development of smart materials with tailored properties that find practical implementation in energy efficient and sustainable refrigeration sectors. The Action will also be oriented to attract the interest of the next generation of promising scientists by outreach activities, thereby ensuring that Europe remains at the frontline of this field in the face of increasing competition from Asia and America.